G6 3 Month Bundle

Item No. BUN-3MO-001


Want to try Dexcom G6, but not ready to commit to a subscription plan? The Dexcom 3-month bundle may be the option for you.

This bountiful bundle contains everything you need for up to 90 days of continuous glucose monitoring. That’s 3 months of zero fingersticks*, with zero commitment. You can get all of this for a one-off cost of £559, saving you over £100§.


What's included:

Three boxes of Dexcom G6 3-pack of sensors (9 sensors in total). One Dexcom G6 transmitter.

Why you'll like it:
  • Check your glucose levels with a quick glance at your smart phone or watch
  • Enjoy more time in range with our suite of alerts and alarms
  • Receive a 20-minute advance warning ahead of a severe hypo, with the Urgent Low Soon alert
  • All with zero fingersticks* or scans

Check out the Dexcom G6 Price Plan Overview to compare your options.

Bundle contains:

G6 Transmitter

G6 Transmitter

Item No. STT-GS-003
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G6 Sensor - 3-Pack

G6 Sensor - 3-Pack

Item No. STS-GS-003
  • In stock